Environmental Management


At all work we do to achieve our mission, we put respect to human in the forefront, our principle is to provide a healthy and safe environment to our employees and the community and to give the least harm to the environment.

With this purpose,

  • To design and produce our products without giving harm to environment.
  • To use all the resources in the most efficient way by finding new ways to re-use junk and waste and protecting the environmental pollution.
  • By complying the environmental laws and legislations, to achieve continuous improvement in the environmental studies and keep open to the institutions and companies
  • To determine the environmental objective and targets, to implement them, to check periodically, to document and achieve sustainability.
  • To educate especially our employees and all shareholders about our environmental issues and announce our policies.
  • To keep global resources and effective consumption
  • To encourage and support environmental studies about environmental protection is our Environmental Policy.

According to our Environmental Policy, all activities of Kütahya Porselen San. A.Ş., resulting from products and services, affects on environment are subject to analysis every year and environment effect scores are calculated. In accordance with the Environment Management System for every kind of circumstance, necessary actions are done and environmental protection is achieved.

By complying all legislation and laws that are in effect,

  • Efficiency in the consumption of the resources are achieved by putting targets to electricity, natural gas and water consumption values.
  • Recycling is achieved by applying active recycling method to the appraisable waste.
  • The packing material that we put on the market are documented and collected to a certain amount and recycled.
  • To increase the environmental awareness, environmental educations are given to our all contacts and it is asked to be applied.

Please do not forget; If we protect the Nature, Nature will protect us.