Message From the President


I would like to start my lines with thanks.

Finding a chance to be a president of Kutahya Porselen where I was playing games during my childhood is very significant to me.  I present my endless thanks to my precious father Mr. Nafi Güral  who is the head of our  family and our companies for his trust on me.

Inside the walls of Kutahya Porselen, I grow up and did my future plans. Experiences I have faced within the factory directed my life. I have always been interested in fine arts and thanks to my father’s advice I chose to study ceramic in college. My choice has helped me to speak the common language with my colleauges in the company.

By means of this I had the ability to do the job I both love and understand. With that chance and enthusiasm, I am proud to work in the largest porcelain production capacity under the same roof in the world.

As you guess, the porcelain which meets us 3 times in a day, is an inevitable tableware due to its hygenic and healhty features. Yet, difficulty of production process, being a labour intensive sector had driven many manufacturer into trouble and unfortunately by shuting their kilns down they withdraw from the porcelain tableware sector. On the other hand Kutahya Porselen has increased its capacity and has renewed all its production technology and techniques with its dynamic and strong establishment. As an outcome of these developments, today, Kutahya Porselen is the most reliable and biggest porcelain manufacturer in the World.

You might be wondering how Kutahya Porcelain had established and how it had reached its recent success. As the first porcelain factory in Kutahya, Kutahya Porselen, while beginning to production in 1976, with the shareholders of then İş Bankası, Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası, Sınai Yatırım ve Kredi Bankası, Sümerbank, Vakıflar Bankası, Desiyab (T. Kalkınma Bankası with the present name) Esbank, Kütahya Private Management Council, Civil Government of Kütahya, was a “public sector” with the fashionable expression of the time. As you will recall, this model didn’t work in Turkey. By the demand and manipulation of the Banks, we as the Gural family, have become the owner of the 75% of the shares. Kutahya porselen has become an Istanbul Stock Exchange company, as the owners of the remaining 25% Sümerbank, Desiyab and Vakıflar Bankası sold their shares at Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Within a very short time with giant steps, Kutahya Porselen has developed  high quality products and customer oriented sales principles which has brought Kutahya Porcelain the prize of ‘Consumer Oriented Company’ given by Turkish Ministry of Industry and Commerce for the first time in porcelain sector. Besides, Kutahya Porselen took its place in the ‘Superbrands of Turkey 2005’ catalogue which has been prepared by Superbrands Group which is active in 48 countries all over the World. In addition to that, satisfaction of our customers and the Red Dot award we won this year make us more eager to work harder and succeed.

As a tableware producer, we have variety of goods which can be alternate to porcelain. Especially, presentation of our products as gifts by our customers is the highest honour for us.

As a person who knows hardships of choosing and giving a gift, designs I have done with my friends are the bridges which bring us together with you.

Durable and long-lasting features of porcelain is the most significant factor that make porcelain gift. In today’s world, our company has a prior position thanks to modern production way and modern designs. In addition, our company cares and protects the cultural heritages and represent our country especially in international area.

Keep competing with himself, Kutahya Porselen has grown in time and in addition to porcelain production, has entered the floor and wall ceramic tiles and corrugated cardboard sectors.

Addition to customer satisfaction and high quality, main reason for our success in floor and wall tiles is also visual results we have. In ceramic sector we won 2 Red Dot Awards and one Best of the Best award. We are proud of being the only ceramic tile company which has won the Best of the Best award in Turkey. These rewards consolidate our prestige in the World market and state our place in European market with dense production

With mission and vision stated in all companies, aiming to distribute the best product to the market in best conditions, our company gets the ambition for his success from you.

With this perspective we are aware that we need to work hard and hard. We thank you, as friends of Kutahya Porselen who support us on our way.

Sincerely Yours,